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Modular exhibition stands NVP-022

This Modular exhibition stand design allows exhibitors low operational cost and easy logistics. Can be reconfigured to 3m stand, single panels and towers with no tools. Call NVP Exhibits to arrange a demonstration and hands on experience.
Design Details
Category: Modular Stands
  • Rental Available. Ask for price
  • Lead time: 20 working days
  • Exhibit weight: 60 KG
  • Installation time 70 minutes one person / Tools free
Art Specifications NVP.pdf - 198.8 kB
1.4m x .6mH SS Curved Facia.pdf - 310.9 kB
2.4m x 5.8m SSSW print spec.pdf - 314.7 kB
2.4mx1.2m SS Screen tower.pdf - 313.8 kB
Assembly Instructions Final.pdf - 2.2 MB
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Modular exhibition stands NVP-022




  • Install and dismantle services
  • TV
  • Floors and furniture rental