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Exhibition Design Tips

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great place for face to face marketing, providing a venue where both b2b (business to business) partners and the general public are engaged in a networking environment to buy products and services. However in most cases your competitors will also be exhibiting at the show, competing with your organisation for the same potential customers.
So how can you ensure that your company’s product / brand / message stands out from the crowd and maximises your chances of attracting new customers?


Exhibition Stand Design Brief

One of the most important and basic steps you can take is to write an exhibition stand design brief. However in order to do this you need to consider a number of factors. The staff at Nouveau Productions have a proven track record when it comes to designing effective and successful customised modular display stands. Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or are a seasoned professional, the points below will start you off on the right foot to ensure that your stand effectively conveys your message and allows you to achieve your desired goals.


Size and StyleThe size and style of your exhibition stand must be customised to properly fit your organisation's unique needs and requirements – what works for one company may not work for another. Nouveau Productions can work with you to ascertain the most effective way for your firm to exhibit, whilst taking into consideration requirements such as budget and long term marketing plans. All of our exhibition stands are customised modular displays meaning that your company will stand out amongst the crowd without incurring the costs or environmental downsides associated with a single use bespoke style stand.


FacilitiesThis is another aspect that should be considered from the very outset of planning. How much space will you require? Do you need a reception counter or desk? Will you require shelving space to display products? Have you considered additional lighting? Had you planned on integrating laptops into your exhibit? Will you be showing footage on plasmas or monitors? Have you considered incorporating a meeting room? Most importantly, are you facilitating your visitors and clients by providing them with enough space for browsing and moving around your stand?


Looking into the futureAre you thinking ahead in terms of future shows or are you becoming overly focused on the immediate event? In all likelihood your company will exhibit at a number of shows and for this reason it’s vital to ensure your stand is re-usable. All the systems provided by Nouveau Productions are extremely versatile, able to be quickly disassembled for transportation, and easily reassembled. Additionally our modular exhibition stands can be reconfigured in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit your needs on a show by show basis. This makes our exhibition stands highly cost effective.


Graphics and ArtworkThe graphics and artwork are one of the most important parts of your exhibition stand because it is vital to grab your visitors attention. Remember that you are competing with a number of other stands meaning that you have between 3 and 5 seconds to get the attention of potential customers. We recommend that you design your graphics specifically tailored to your target demographic for that particular show. All Nouveau Productions exhibition stands feature the ability to quickly and easily interchange graphics meaning that your stand will always be relevant and never dated. Additionally the graphic designers at Nouveau Productions can work closely with you to create customised eye-catching visuals from the outset of the design process, or in case your company prefers to employ the services of your existing agency or in-house designer, we are more than happy to assist in an consultant capacity.

For further information or to get started on the process of creating your exhibition stand, contact NVP Exhibits via email or on (02) 9357 3377.


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