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10 Important Questions To Ask Exhibit Organisers

There is much you need to know before choosing a trade show or convention, including some details that may not be available on the organiser’s website or in printed materials. Make sure you have all the facts before you book a spot at any event. The following questions will help you gather the details you need to make better decisions about exhibits.

What Are the Exact Dates and Hours?

Knowing that an event runs from one date to the next is helpful, but won’t allow you come up with a schedule for setting up and tearing down. Make sure you know all scheduling expectations. That includes when exhibitors can show up to prepare and what time attendees will be admitted as well as when things will shut down for the day.

What Security Measures Will Be in Place After Hours?

Never assume that the organiser will watch over your belongings when leaving for the day. If you’re participating in a multiple-day event, you may need to leave your booth or table unattended overnight. Make sure you know what security measures are in place and avoid leaving expensive electronics and merchandise behind each day if you don’t have to.

Are the Event’s Attendance Figures Certified by an Auditor?

Some events puff up their attendance count by including any warm body they possibly can. This can create inflated statistics intended to entice new exhibitors. Find out if an independent auditor certified previous shows. You should also ask for a copy of their report.

Who Will Be Next to You at the Event?

Positioning can have a powerful impact on your success at tradeshows and conventions. Find out who will be next to you during the event. An area that will present a speaker or other highly anticipated activity may draw crowds closer to you. This is a good thing, unless your booth is very small and will go mostly unnoticed.

Where Will Your Competitors be Located?

You should also ask where your competitors will be located at the event.

You may prefer to be closer to your competitor because it might funnel more of your demographic to the same area.

Are Speaking Engagements Available?

Find out if any opportunities for speakers will be available. This could be a single-person presentation or a roundtable discussion. Taking centre stage and proving your expertise will encourage attendees to look for you afterwards. Just remember to keep the sales pitch to a minimum and let your opinions and knowledge serve as the “hook”.

How Will the Event Be Marketed?

Ask for information on how the event will be marketed. An event that isn’t well promoted is less likely to be successful. Once you choose an event, make sure you support it by embarking on your own marketing campaign.

Preferred suppliers

Preferred suppliers are normally a code name for suppliers who cut a deal with the organizers

It is important to know that you are free to choose any suppliers that you think work best for your requirements and budget. This is true regarding shipping, trade show hanging banners, raised floors, rental furniture and of course exhibition stands packages.

In some cases the preferred suppliers are in fact more expensive – mostly when it comes to exhibition stand packages.

What is Included in the Space Rental Package?

Never assume that everything is included in the rental fee you pay for your event space. Some tradeshows may charge extra fees for things like cleaning services to clear up at night, electricity, furniture or even carpeting.

Are There Any Regulations or Rules Exhibitors Must Know About?

Make sure you have everything covered by asking for a list of rules and regulations for the venue. This may be provided on a website or in a packet of information. Always read the list in its entirety before you plan your exhibit and re-read it shortly before the event.


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