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Turning Leads into Clients - Successful Follow Up Techniques

Even if you felt your event participation was a success, your work isn’t done yet. A solid follow up plan is a must if you want to turn those leads into paying customers. Even attendees who took home literature or other materials from your booth may quickly forget about you when they go back to daily life. You need to send a friendly reminder to invite them to do business without sounding pushy or overbearing.

Don’t Neglect Anyone on Your Lead List

You may have some leads that appear a little warmer than others. It’s tempting to focus on hot leads and skip those that are only lukewarm for now. Don’t make this common mistake. Instead send a follow up to all leads and see where that takes you. You may be surprised to learn that leads you thought were less interested turn into paying customers!

Don’t Wait to Follow Up

Put your follow up plan into action immediately after the event. You don’t want to let days and weeks pass by without interacting with your leads.

A quick response shows that you’re eager and available.

It also reminds attendees that your product or service is available while the benefits they learned about at the event are still fresh in their minds.

Personalise Every Follow Up

Keep the follow up as personalised as you comfortably can. That means using your lead’s name in the greeting and tailoring the content to that specific interaction. For example, if you discussed a certain aspect of your product, make a point to mention it. This will make your follow up far more engaging and will feel more like a friendly message than a spam email to the recipient.

Don’t Sound Desperate or Robotic

You’re selling a product or service, which technically makes you a salesman (or woman). The problem is you don’t want to sound that way. Speak in a casual tone and avoid coming across like a robot giving a repetitive sales pitch. The best approach is to offer some value to your recipient based on their individual needs.

Make an Enticing Offer

Include an enticing offer in your follow up message. Create a unique promotion for those who attended the event. This will entice the recipient because they get exclusive access to an offer. It will also encourage customers and followers to stop by next time you participate in an exhibition or trade show.


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