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Setting Goals & Measurable Objectives

There are three types of objectives and goals that can be applied to your trade show exhibition display. You will find it considerably easier to judge your success using measurable objectives however non tangible goals also play a part in determining the overall degree of success attained.



Logistical Goals

These are goals that focus on overall communication and what you hope to achieve on the show floor such as attracting attention to your exhibit, drawing crowds and creating an exciting atmosphere.

Specific examples could include:
  • Generating a sense of excitement both on your exhibit and generally around the show
  • Increasing preshow awareness of your company and/or brand
  • Implementing processes designed to create a desirable traffic flow to your display and/or to specific areas within your exhibit
  • Targeting specific demographics with a goal, for example attracting attention amongst show visitors who previously were not particularly knowledgeable about your company or product
  • Communicate specific products or services to potential customers



Communication Goals

These are goals that influence identity, awareness and brand positioning.

Specific examples may include:

  • Influencing or affecting perceptions of your company and/or brand
  • Convey a point of difference between your product/brand and that of your competitors
  • Identify and publicise new skill sets,  capabilities and solutions
  • Create or reinforce brand awareness
  • Adjust or reinforce brand positioning
  • Communication Goals



Measurable Objectives

These objectives deal in quantifiable numbers and ROI (return on investment), essentially anything that can be measured (eg. leads, quantifiable leads, sales totals).

Specific examples can include:

  • Total number of prospects versus qualified prospects
  • General changes (increase or decrease depending on the objective) compared to previous years
  • Generation of sales (actual dollar amounts)
  • Database creation with the intent to follow up with subsequent marketing
  • Establishment of qualified leads
  • Measurable Objectives

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