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Four Reasons Exhibition Stand Rental May Be Right For You

Owning your own stand has a number of advantages. However there are some good reasons why Exhibition Stand Rental could be the right option as well especially if you are new to the trade show and exhibition scene. Here are four reasons to consider Exhibition Stand Rental

Exhibiting at trade shows and conferences is a great way to find new prospects and meet and greet potential clients.

At the same time it can be a nerve wracking and challenging experience, especially for those new to this type of marketing.

A good stand can be a considerable investment which is one reason stand rental may make more sense. Here are four reasons exhibition stand rental may be right for your business:

1. You Are New to Exhibiting

Renting is ideal if you are exhibiting for the first time and are unsure about the merits of investing in an exhibition stand. Renting gives you the flexibility to walk away if the plan does not work out as you anticipated.

Avoid the temptation of renting a stand piecemeal from a range of exhibition stand providers – buy everything you need from just one provider – then you can be sure the stand fits together perfectly and so too does your message.

2. You Exhibit Only Once a Year

If you exhibit at only the bigger trade shows or only a few exhibitions – exhibition stand rental is probably for you too. Renting an exhibition stand means you are not worried about storage, maintenance or damage.

This is a particularly attractive option if you only need a large stand or booth once or twice a year.

3. You Exhibit at Multiple Venues at the Same Time

Renting may be right for you if your company need to attend a few shows at the same time.

Exhibition stand rental gives you the option to have different exhibition stand designs and layouts available as and when you need them.

4. You Are Exhibiting Overseas

Renting is logically the most cost effective solution in this case as renting a stand on location is almost always cheaper than shipping the company stand and paying extra for installation.

Some exhibition stand providers may have operations overseas – which makes renting even easier – they will be using the same exhibition stands you used at home and will know all about your requirements (thanks to their office in your business’ home town).

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