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Making a Good Impression - Exhibition Stand Etiquette

If you want to be successful at an exhibition, then you need to know the rules and basic expectations. Violating etiquette will make you and your brand look bad. On the other hand, if you are polite, mindful and respectful, it will send a positive message about who you are and what your company has to offer.

Know the Rules of the Event

Whether this is your first, 10th or 100th exhibition, make a point to go over the rules carefully. These will likely be presented in print materials or on a website. While some rules and regulations may be similar across most venues, some events have unique requirements. Information is powerful and will help you avoid making innocent mistakes.

Prepare to Sell Face to Face

If you want to be taken seriously then you need to be serious about face to face interactions. Prepare a sales pitch and practise it in a mirror and/or with others. Your staff should do the same. Attendees will expect you to know what you’re selling which means you must be prepared to talk about it with confidence.

Do Not Eat or Drink at Your Booth

It looks unprofessional to have cups, bottles and used plates sitting around your booth. Keep your area free of food and drink debris. Not only does this look better to attendees, but it will also eliminate the possibility of a spilled beverage damaging equipment, product or print materials.

Follow the Event Schedule

Make sure you follow the event schedule from setup to clean up. You should be ready to greet attendees the moment the venue lets them enter. It makes you look punctual, professional and creates a better experience for attendees and your fellow exhibitors. Besides, you could lose business if potential leads see that you’re not ready and decide to skip your booth entirely.

Stick to the Event Dress Code

Adhere to the dress code requirements for the event. Some may be more laid back than others. Also remember to apply your company’s dress code rules. You may be out of the office or away from the store, but you want to create an image that’s consistent no matter where your customers find you. Dressing too casually can be seen as disrespectful to the other vendors and event organisers.

Hide Unsightly Boxes, Bags & Supplies

Anything that isn’t part of your display should be kept out of sight. That includes the plain cardboard boxes and any other packing materials you may have used to ship everything to the exhibition in.

For more tips on trade show and exhibition behaviour, see Gill's article: Exhibitions Are Like First Dates.


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