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Six Creative Exhibition Stand Design Secrets

Visitors will see your exhibition stand long before they talk to you. Spending a little extra time on your exhibition stand design can pay off in spades on the day. Here are six tips to ensure you get the best results from your creative process

Six Creative Exhibition Stand Design Secrets

Designing a creative exhibition stand (or display stand) takes place in for stages:

  1. Creating an in depth design brief including your ongoing requirements, objectives and attendance pattern.
  2. Allocating the right display technology that can be right platform for your requirements and objectives.
  3. Discussing and narrowing down the right stand design.
  4. Creating the art work taking in mind the target audience, simple messages and objectives.


Here is how you can create a top notch exhibition stand design:

1. Make Time to Talk to Your Designer

You must permit a particular amount of time to be allocated to the designer so that the project will not be done in a hurry and will be executed on a budget.

If designers are forced to work on short notice, there is more than a fair chance of them compromising on design and also charging higher rates.

2. Compile a relevant and precise brief

Your hired professionals must know the product needs, the objectives and the requirements right from the beginning.

It is very important that you ensure your designer gets the key elements such as logos, branding, brand values, company literature, social platforms and website.

Any feature of the service or product which needs to be displayed on the stand should also be shared.

3. Do your own research

You must do your own comprehensive research too:

Use image search sites like Pinterest, to help you find inspiration and ideas

If you have time, visit other trade shows and make note of what works - what gets attention and what draws traffic to a booth or stand.

4. Be Realistic

Your job is to create a display stand design which is creative, attractive and also cost-effective.

It is important to set realistic and clear objectives, tell the account manager and designer at the very beginning what you are after and set limits and boundaries.

You may go over a limit but at least you’ll know when it happens.

5. Always publicize

Choose the location of your exhibition stand wisely. Give it as much professional appearance as you possibly can. If you sell products, do so prominently so that everybody notices.

6. Highlight Your Uniqueness

Identify your product or services unique selling proposition (USP) and prominently display the reason your product or service is superior to your competitor’s.

Trade shows are not a place to be shy.

Consider using audio-visual displays to demonstrate your product or services specialness.

First impressions count.

Prospective clients will see your exhibition or display stand long before your sales team gets a chance to engage them or sell to them in person. Time spent on getting your design right and ensuring you make a positive, impression that accurately represents your business and brand is an investment in time and money that can pay off in spades.

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