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Display technologies available for exhibition stands and trade show displays

It is critical for exhibitors to understand what is available before committing to anything. Making an educated decision will be a decision you will not regret and one that will generate a good return on your investment. Below are the various display technologies available for exhibitors considering exhibitions stands.

Custom stands: Custom stands are based on joinery work. They require a relatively big team to assemble and dismantle and in most cases cannot be re-used and are thrown away at the end of the show. This display technology is mostly suitable for exhibitors who attend a specific one off event or exhibitors with very large budgets who are happy to repurchase their stands every single show.

Shell scheme upgrades: Shell Scheme packages are normally offered by the exhibition organizers for the exhibitors.  These types of exhibition stands are available on rental basis and are not suitable for ongoing exhibitors.

For the most part exhibitors choose shell scheme upgrades as their exhibition stands and trade show displays simply because exhibition organizers are their first point of contact. The short term advantage of shell scheme packages is that they are all-inclusive but if you are an ongoing exhibitor it is a very expensive choice because you will need to purchase a new one for every show.

Shell scheme upgrades


Modular Exhibition stands: Modular Exhibition stands are suitable for ongoing exhibitors on a purchase basis or for one off exhibitors on a rental basis. If you are an ongoing exhibitor attending numerous shows at various spaces and configurations this technology is a must to consider for the following reasons:

-         Adaptability: an advanced modular display technology will allow ongoing exhibitors to use the same exhibition stands for all shows and spaces available to him/her instead of just one.

-         Low operational cost: Transportation, installation, disassembly and storage can be the main expense in the life time of an exhibition stand.

Picking the right modular display technology could save your company a lot of money by reducing or eliminating those costs.

-         Brand consistency and visual impact: another positive side effect of using modular display technology is the fact it makes all staff members stick to the same branding guidelines, leading to brand consistency throughout all exhibitions and trade shows.

-         Allowance to change graphics, messages and images from show to show:This is a big plus for ongoing exhibitors.

-         Call us, click on the image below or follow this link If you want learn more about the NVP Exhibits, NVP Wall system, modular and portable exhibition stands technology.

Modular Exhibition stands

Hybrid Exhibition stands and trade show displays: Hybrid Exhibition stands technology is a cross between modular and portable exhibition stands and custom exhibition stands. It offers the exhibitor all the benefits of modularity, portability, adaptability and low operational cost with the unique look of custom stands. This technology was developed and is offered exclusively by NVP Exhibits.

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