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Exhibition Tips and Articles

Exhibition Design Tips
Setting Goals & Measurable Objectives
Setting a Budget Plan
Rent or Buy?
Renting is the right choice for many companies. Choosing whether to buy your modular exhibition stand or to rent it is an important decision and must be based on your exhibition programme and overall marketing strategy and budget.
Exhibition Booth Design
If you are in need of inspiration, we recommend viewing our Portfolio and Design Search Engine. Here you can see a wide range of designs for exhibition stands design in various sizes and configurations. Every exhibition stand is unique because every exhibitor possesses a unique set of objectives they hope to achieve. Read on to learn more about our exhibition stand design services.
Display technologies available for exhibition stands and trade show displays
It is critical for exhibitors to understand what is available before committing to anything. Making an educated decision will be a decision you will not regret and one that will generate a good return on your investment. Below are the various display technologies available for exhibitors considering exhibitions stands.
Exhibitions are like first dates
Exhibition and trade shows are like first dates or job interviews. This Article helps exhibitors attend trade shows and exhibitions more effectively. Having an impressive display stand in just the platform. What you do with it is up to you.
Eight Surefire Ways to Stand Out at a Trade Show
At the average trade show you will be competing with at least 300 other stands. You have only 3 seconds to get a potential customer's attention and 10 minutes to promote your business' product or service. Here are eight surefire ways to make those 3 seconds count and ensure you stand out.
Four Reasons Exhibition Stand Rental May Be Right For You
Owning your own stand has a number of advantages. However there are some good reasons why Exhibition Stand Rental could be the right option as well especially if you are new to the trade show and exhibition scene. Here are four reasons to consider Exhibition Stand Rental
Six Creative Exhibition Stand Design Secrets
Visitors will see your exhibition stand long before they talk to you. Spending a little extra time on your exhibition stand design can pay off in spades on the day. Here are six tips to ensure you get the best results from your creative process
Six Secrets to Successful Trade Show Booth Display
Getting your trade show booth display right is critical to your success at a trade show. Here are six simple and powerful secrets to successful trade show booth display.
Four Secret Exhibition Stand Design Ideas
Exhibition Stand Design is an exciting and challenging part of exhibition marketing (and the most obvious). Keep it simple and keep these four ideas in mind.
Six Tips for Eye-Catching Custom Modular Exhibition Stands
Custom modular exhibition stands give you the advantage of adaptability, easy logistics and amazing look. Here are six tips to design a winning modular exhibition stand.
Six Secrets to Successful Trade Show Booth Designs
Six secrets to help ensure your trade show booth design is eye-catching and your booth is appealing and inviting.