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Definitive Guide to Exhibiting in Australia

Our Definitive Guide to Exhibition Marketing in Australia will provide you with the basic toolkit you will need to begin exhibition in Australia.

Where Do I Start?

We have a huge range of resources and articles. Here are a few places to get started depending on where you are on your exhibition marketing journey:

Starting Out With Exhibition Marketing?

Looking for a quick summary - Gill Keinan (NVP CEO) distills 15 years of Exhibition experience into


    Begin with the end in mind.

    Participating in an exhibition or trade show, like any other sort of marketing works best once you have defined your goals and objectives.

    Once you have defined these, you can decide which exhibitions to participate in


      Capture all the Costs of Exhibiting to Develop Your ROI

      There is more to the cost of exhibiting than the stand.  We highlight the key costs (including some so-called hidden costs) here, so there are no surprises and you get a better estimate of your possible ROI:


      Thinking About Saving Money By Renting?

      Use our Exhibition Stand Rental Checklist to avoid the traps and pitfalls of renting and ensure you are getting the full picture and the best deal.

      Download as PDF

        Your First Time at an Exhibition Stand?

        Exhibition marketing requires a change in mindset - you only have a short time to make a great first impression and need to win over visitors.


        We cover this in more detail including how to convert leads into clients in "Getting Ready for your First Exhibition" below.

        Review, Evaluate and Improve

        Measuring your results and comparing them to your goals is critical to developing your Exhibition Marketing and constantly improving.

        Want it all in one simple checklist

        This checklist helps walk you through all the key steps in your exhibition preparation, exhibition setup, and evaluation.

        Download as PDF



        Designing Your First Stand


          The Big Day(s) - Guide to Successful Execution of Your Exhibiting Plans


          Guide to Top Trade Shows in Australia

          Looking for a quick guide to the top trade shows in Australia?

          Check out our list here: Trade Shows

          This list includes:

          • a description of the trade show
          • timing,
          • venue
          • links for exhibitors to more information
          • links to booking forms
          • key show statistics (where available) about attendance and participation

          Our Background

          NVP Exhibits has been in the Exhibition Stand and Display Stand design business in Australia for over 15 years and our CEO Gill Keinan has over 15 years experience in the industry.