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Marketing Scholarship

The NVP Exhibits Trade Marketing Scholarship

NVP Exhibits are one of Australia’s leading Exhibition promotions and tradel/event based marketing firms. NVP specialise in delivering cutting edge exhibition retail promotion solutions and have done so for the likes of brands such as Valvoline, Kimberly Clark, Suzuki and Snap On Tools.

NVP assist brands in building engaging, lasting and impactful impressions at promotional events and trade shows. NVP do this by converging creative branding and uniquely engineered promotional spaces that leave a lasting imprint on consumers minds.

NVP are looking for budding Marketing, Commerce and IT students (with a marketing background) who are looking to join a fast growing teamto gain valuable work experience working with some of Australia’s leading brands in delivering their Display Stand marketing projects.

Value & Duration

NVP Exhibits will be offering 1 scholarship per year (for a semester duration) to an eligible candidate. The winning candidate will get $5000 worth of Industry training and work in 3 rotations in the NVP Exhibits business from the Sydney office, based in Surry Hills.

  • Suitable candidates will be given paid work experience for the Sales and Marketing rotation.
  • This scholarship can be done via distance. We believe in learning without boundaries.
    • Suitable candidates from rural/ out of NSW universities can work on the Sales and Marketing/ Creative rotations but not the project delivery.


The NVP 3 Rotation scholarship:

The winning candidate will get to work in 3 main rotations in the business

  1. Sales and Marketing: Learning from NVP how the sales and marketing function of the business operates.
  2. Project Delivery: One rotation of the training will be in the project delivery elements of the NVP business and will give the candidate valuable insights into how Marketing projects are delivered “hands on”.
  3. Event Marketing: The main rotation in this training will be focused on giving the candidate training in the process behind the Marketing and branding elements of Exhibition and Trade marketing.

There is the opportunity for paid full time/part time work in the sales/marketing facility pending a performance assessment of the eligible scholarship candidate.


Legible candidates should have areas of study in the following areas:

  • Students must be studying a Bachelors or Masters degree in Commerce, Business, E-Business, Finance or Marketing
  • Applicants must be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents.
  • Rural candidates may still apply, as all work can be done remotely. NVP has presence in 3 major cities.

Selection criteria and process: NVP believe in shortlisting on skill and hiring based on your values! The candidates with the best likelihood to joint the NVP team will display the following values:

  • Integrity: Showing the maturity and honesty in your approach to work and being able to demonstrate this in your work experience
  • Creativity: Creativity is a huge element of Trade and Exhibition Stand marketing and will be a key value that a potential candidate will need.s


Other selection criteria:

  • GPA or WAM: Credit average minimum
  • Experience in some form of marketing or branding role will be favoured.


How to apply?

1. Applicants should apply via email to: scholarships@nvp.com.au

2. Please attach a resume and covering letter of your experience and why you wish to join NVP.

3. Additional material:

In 500 Words demonstrate:

  • Your career objectives and your desired future accomplishments
  • Your passion for digital/website technologies


Value: AUD $5,000.00 or work experience and training

Length of Scholarship: 1 scholarship for calendar year 2015 and 2016

Duration of Scholarship: One semester (1 scholarship given every year)
Closing Date/Deadline for entries: 31st December every year for the next  2 years

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