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Six Tips for Eye-Catching Custom Modular Exhibition Stands

Custom modular exhibition stands give you the advantage of adaptability, easy logistics and amazing look. Here are six tips to design a winning modular exhibition stand.

Here are six ways to take advantage of the flexibility you have when you choose a custom modular exhibition stand:

Step 1:  Think long term - No quick fix

One of the biggest advantages of modular exhibition stands is fact it is adaptable to spaces and target audiences in terms of hardware and graphics. In order to take advantage of the adaptability prepare a list of your ongoing requirements, in that list include: The spaces you attend, change of graphics you may require to cater for the various target audiences, logistics requirements, number of staff members, DIY installation and more. call us on 02 9357 3377 if you require help.

Step 2: Pick the right display technology

You can now consider and pick the right display technology that ticks all the boxes / requirements as you specified them in step one. NVP Exhibits offers various modular exhibition stands technologies and over 500 designs of modular exhibition stands.  It is imperative to pick the right display technology based on your requirements NOT based on look. ( this will come later) If you are not sure contact us on 02 9357 3377 and we will guide you through it.

Step 3: Design time ! ( Hardware )

if you know your objectives and picked the right display technology we can talk about designs. The first step here is to apply your various spaces requirements to the display technology and create an adaptable platform to all your exhibitions and trade shows you attend. So if for example you attend spaces such as 6m by 6m and 3m by 6m you want to create a Multi purpose hardware design that allows you to do just that.  Follow this link for a quick example.

Step 4: Design time ! (artwork)

At this stage our designers (or yours) create the art work that is being applied on your modular exhibition stand. There is a lot to consider when creating the art work such as following the 3 seconds rule, KIS, brand consistency, your target audience and more which you can discuss with the NVP Exhibits team.  It is worth while considering our unique adaptable art work graphics approach that provids brand consistency, allows change of messages and saves money of new graphics.

Step 5: Keep improving

Modular exhibition stands allow you to keep looking fresh, change, reconfigure and think out of the box. For example a 6m by 3m modular exhibition stand can be reconfigured to a tower so feel free to call our team and keep improving.

Step 6:  Great stand is only the beginning.

A great modular exhibition stand can provide a great adaptable platform that looks amazing and save money but it's only the beginning. A smart exhibitor need to think about lead generation tactics, staff members training, promotions, follow ups, selecting spaces carefully  and many more items. Call our exhibitions and trade shows consultants  team if you like to discuss this further.

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