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5 Tips For Choosing the Right Exhibition or Display Stand

Choosing the right exhibition or display stand involves considerations of costs and suppliers as well as ensuring the stand supports your exhibition goals and objectives. Here are five critical points every exhibitor must be aware of when selecting an exhibition stand or a trade show display stand.
  1. Purchase or Rent?

    if this is your first show or have a few shows going at the same time rental may a good option to consider. However, if you are an ongoing exhibitor a purchase may be a much better option for you and may also would like to consider adaptable exhibition stands that can be used for many shows and various spaces.

  2. Always be conscious of your ongoing budget and operational costs.

    Obviously you want to stay in budget. But the trap many exhibitors fall into is that they only think to the end of the current trade show.

    If you are an ongoing exhibitor, then it pays to take a multi-exhibition or trade show view: "How much will the total cost of the stand be over the next five shows or exhibitions?"

    This perspective can lead you to conclude for example, that a "cheap" exhibition stand turns out to be an expensive exhibition stand when you start to include storage and transportation costs. You can also get a better idea of the real cost of rental exhibition stands or trade show displays as well as purchasing a one off custom exhibition stand.

    For more on budgeting, see Your Exhibition Budget Checklist

  3. "Preferred Suppliers"

    When you book in a space you will receive an exhibitor manual with a list of preferred suppliers for exhibition stand packages and many other items you may need to get.

    It is important to know that "preferred supplier" just means the suppliers who have a deal with the exhibition organisers.

    Perhaps the deals work for you, but the key point to remember is this:

    As the exhibitor, you are free to choose to buy or rent exhibition stands and any other services from whomever you like and in most cases you will be saving money and receive better advice.

  4. Know Why You Are Exhibiting

    What’s more important before purchasing or renting an exhibition stand is to think about your objectives. Your stand needs to work for you as a marketing platform that suits your set of requirements and objectives.

    For more on setting goals and objectives see Setting Goals & Measurable Objectives

  5. Staff Members

    A good exhibition stand should support your staff members and their roles during the show.

    Make sure each staff member is allocated the right place to stand in order to have a conversation and that the stand provides the support they need (for example, access to audio-visual equipment if they need to do an interactive demonstration, tables or stands for meetings or to take down details).

    Also see Making a Good Impression Exhibition Stand Etiquette as well as Exhibitions Are Like First Dates.

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