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How to Make Your Display Stand Magnetic

The number one objective of every exhibitor is simple: Get as many of your target audience visitors to step into your stand. It is the very first and most critical step in the lead generation and sales process. Not an easy task in a highly competitive environment. Here are few tips from Gill Keinan, Director of NVP Exhibits.

Be Seen - Floor graphics

The exhibitions and trade shows environment is no place to keep your company secret. Your stand need to be seen and make a good impression in the first 3 seconds. One of the Visual effects we like to use at NVP Exhibits are floor graphics. When used in a smart way they can be very effective visually and even be part of your lead generation process.

Be Seen - Hanging banners

Hanging banners are can be very effective making sure your brand is being seen anywhere at the show. I recommend  to use hanging banner at the right size and shape that is most suitable for all your shows and spaces in order to make it as cost effective as possible.

Overhead hanging banners

KIS - Keep It Simple

Many Exhibitors make the very common mistake and try and load their stands with all their products as well and trying to tell visitors everything they do. Keep It Simple - Single message and clean professional graphics that tells visitors who you are and what you do is all you need in order  to visitors into your space.

Be Different

" If this is such a great idea how come everyone else are not doing it ? " Have you ever heard someone in your team saying that ? Don't be afraid to think and explore new and better ways to generate better results for your company. Doing what everyone else are doing is the easiest but not the best way to take your company to the next step.

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