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Exhibition Stand Rental Checklist

Below are some simple and important questions to consider when deciding whether you should rent your exhibition stand and when you are discussing your rental options with your exhibition stand provider.


  • Do you get to keep the graphics?
  • If so, is a container or storage equipment provided?
  • What format do you require graphics?
  • How much time do you need to prepare the graphic?
  • What materials will the graphic be on?



    • Does rental include transportation to the venue?
    • Does rental include transportation from venue?


    Installation and Dismantling

    • Does rental include installation/set up of the stand?
    • Does rental include breakdown?
    • Does installation include set up and testing of audio-visual?
    • How long will it take to set up and breakdown the stand?


    Electrical and Consumables

    • Does rental include electrical costs?
    • Does rental include any stands, furniture or other equipment?
    • Who is responsible for cleaning the stand during the show?
    • Is cleaning and maintenance included in the stand rental?



      • Can you provide photos of how the stand looks at an exhibition

      Insurance and Liability

      • Liability - who is liable if someone is injured while using the stand or other rented equipment
      • Insurance - Does rental include insurance and what is insured

        You can find other checklists and tools and resources to help you prepare for your next exhibition including Killer Tips for First Time Exhibitors in the Definitive Guide to Exhibition Marketing in Australia.

        If you have any other questions relating to Exhibition Marketing or about exhibition and display stands, let us know - we would be happy to help out.

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