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Rent or Buy?

Renting is the right choice for many companies. Choosing whether to buy your modular exhibition stand or to rent it is an important decision and must be based on your exhibition programme and overall marketing strategy and budget.

Renting an exhibition stand is the right choice when:

  1. You have two exhibitions at the same time but only one exhibition stand.
  2. Your budget won't stretch to buying an exhibition stand but you don't want to compromise the design or impact.
  3. You have a one-off event or you want to try exhibiting but you don't want to commit to the purchase of an exhibition stand or portable display system  (in this case renting a modular exhibition stand is the cost-effective solution).
  4. You're exhibiting internationally and want to eliminate international shipping costs and atke advantage of  local knowledge to avoid last minute emergencies.
Exhibition Hire

If you are seeking a cost effective way to build your exhibition stand, it is best to hire exhibition equipment and stands from our exhibition hire services. Building a custom exhibition stand or even a modular exhibition stand can be cost prohibitive if you are not expecting a major return on your investment. Instead, it is best to use an exhibition hire services company to assemble your exhibition stand.

When you hire exhibition equipment or exhibition stands from our exhibition hire services team, the hire equipment comes at almost one third of what you would spend had you purchased it. Hiring from our exhibition hire services team also works out as far more effective if you are just testing the water or if you are participating in the exhibition for the first time.

Our exhibition display systems hire range provides a lot of options for our clients who wish to hire their exhibition displays. You can hire complete custom exhibition stands or a modular exhibition stand with furniture that is custom made. You can decide which aspects of the exhibition stand you want to hire and which you want custom made. You can also utilize the services of our design team to understand which will work out best for you – whether a custom exhibition stand on hire or certain components of the exhibition stand on hire. You can also hire our display boards for long or short term use. Our display boards for hire are self-connecting and therefore you can use as many panels as you like.

If you would like to add some dramatic effects to your exhibition stand then hire our lighting and audio visual equipment. We have several luminaries for hire ranging from overhead lighting gantries to flame lights to theatre cans. All of the lighting equipment is available for short  and long term hire. We also provide on hire our state of the art truss systems to hang your lighting accessories and showcase your brand or product in a grandiose manner.

Audio-visual equipment enhances the overall look and appeal of your exhibition displays. Instead of investing in plasma screens, laptops or computes, hire our audio-visual equipment for short or long term. When you hire our audio-visual equipment you can also hire our services for installation and set-up of this equipment at the exhibition site.

We also provide several types of furniture on hire to complete your exhibition stand. From chairs and tables to reception desks, our Exhibition Hire Services can provide everything you need on a short or long term basis. Other items for hire for your exhibition include accessories like spotlights, cupboard units, brochure holders, floral displays and turntables. All exhibition equipment on hire is in the best working condition. If it is not top notch, we do not carry it.

Nouveau Productions has been in the exhibition industry for several years and routinely provides clients its exhibition equipment for hire. We are the one stop solution for all exhibition hire services whether it is hire of exhibition stands, hire of lighting, hire of graphics and signage, hire of furniture or hire of audio-visual equipment. You name it, we have it!

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