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NVP Exhibits Guide To Exhibition Marketing

Our short definitive guide to Exhibition Marketing in Australia takes you through each of the key steps of exhibiting in Australia.

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Trade Shows Australia

Trade shows and exhibitions are amongst the most cost effective forms of marketing possible. A trade show or exhibition gives you direct access and communication to potential customers who are in the right frame of mind to hear the messages that your brand wishes to convey. One of the hardest parts about establishing a presence at trade shows is the logistics, planning and preparation that needs to take place prior to attendance. To help try to simplify this process for you we have compiled a list of some of the latest and greatest trade shows that are taking place so you can identify exhibitions that you may wish to have a presence at. After determining which trade show is the best for your business the next step is to find out the general atmosphere of the event. As a business you want to be engaging and unique, and the simplest way to ensure you stand out from the crowd is to find out what the crowd is doing and do it better! We have compiled some sample setups and images of the projects that have taken, and regularly take, place so you can decide the level of investment you need for your particular show. If after browsing through you’re still not sure what the best option for your business will be, call us and we will be more than happy to talk about your business and help identify the right opportunities for you to achieve maximum results from your investment.

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Definitive Guide to Exhibiting in Australia

Our Definitive Guide to Exhibition Marketing in Australia will provide you with the basic toolkit you will need to begin exhibition in Australia.

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Exhibition Stand Rental Checklist

Below are some simple and important questions to consider when deciding whether you should rent your exhibition stand and when you are discussing your rental options with your exhibition stand provider.

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Exhibition Checklist

Below are some simple and important questions to consider when planning and exhibiting.

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