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Four Secret Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Exhibition Stand Design is an exciting and challenging part of exhibition marketing (and the most obvious). Keep it simple and keep these four ideas in mind.

A great exhibition stand design is one of the most exciting aspects of marketing. To make it a success, you should select the design at least four months before the event. Here are four tips to keep in mind during the design phase:

Secret #1 The stand must be warm and accessible

Choose the appropriate lighting – ensure it catches the attention of any visitor and creates a bright, warm and friendly atmosphere. Of course, if you attention is to draw attention by creating a sense of mystery or wonder than your lighting requirements might be different. Just make sure there is enough light for your visitors to see you if they want to talk to you or look at information.

Secret #2 Use color and light to stand out from all the other participants

To stand out, use color to set the mood and also attract attention – there colors which people are unconsciously drawn to or that elicit an emotional response. Pair your stand with a good guest service and you are a winner. Do have invitations and flyers handy.

Secret #3 Have an open booth

There should not be any table in the front unless the entrance is wide enough. The stand should be inviting to look at. If you want to fill the space up, do that with an excellent quality interactive display.

Secret #4 If you attract children, their parents will follow – leave space for giveaways (or a lolly jar)

If you are offering a family friendly product or service - keep chocolates and sweets nearby and if possible, drawing papers and crayons. This can be placed on display stands at a child's height. Do not hesitate to go outside the stand to attract families.

Even if your target clientele is a little older sweets draw in the crowds. In this case, also think about offering coffee or tea too – especially in the morning at towards the end of the day.

You must create a simple and positive information with your exhibition stand design. Always smile and look directly at the attendees to make a maximum positive impact

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