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Exhibition Checklist

Below are some simple and important questions to consider when planning and exhibiting.

Pre Event Items



    • Any staff event registration completed
      • cut off dates checked
      • late fees or penalties identified
    • Crew schedules set up including
      • arrival time
      • break time (including meals)
      • departure time
      • pre and post event briefing and debrief
    • Staff Selected and Trained
    • Guidelines for dealing with visitors communicated
    • How to politely get rid of time-wasters
    • How to identify target visitors
    • How to collect contacts
    • What to do if visitors want to close a sale
  • Event Dress Code and Etiquette Communicated
    • If uniforms required - all staff have uniforms
    • Spare uniforms on hand in case of accidents (spillages) or replacement
    • Name Tags for staff
  • Accommodation and Transportation
    • Accommodation and transportation tand from the event is organised
  • Consumables such as promotional gifts, brochures ordered
  • Samples and Demonstration Products ordered and checked
  • Contact details for decision makers or senior executives provided including times when a senior executive or decision maker will be on the floor

  • Looking for more information see: Making a Good Impression - Exhibition Stand Etiquette and


    Pre Event Marketing

    • Promoted on company website
    • Promoted on social media
    • Promoted on appropriate offline media
    • Invitations to clients sent
    • Invitations to relevant mailing lists sent



      • Registration completed
      • Event operating times confirmed
      • Emergency evacuation procedures understood
      • Staff facilities identified and teams advised
      • Rubbish and waste disposal process confirmed (including recyclable)
      • Practice SetUp Completed

        Exhibition Stand

        • Backup of artwork created and available
        • Power requirements
          • Power requirements have been calculated
          • type of power required (5 amp, 10 amp, 15 or 20 amp, 3 phase or 5 phase)
        • Cabling requirements
          • Determined number of cables required
          • Position of cables on and around stand has been worked out
          • Additional equipment requirements (tape, protective covers, power boards) completed and on hand
        • Power requirements discussed and confirmed with event organisers



          • Tested at venue
          • Back up of AV ready and at venue
          • Approved by Event organiser (i.e. within guidelines)


          Looking for more tips? see 7 Tips for Effective Use of AV on your Display Stand

          End of Day Checklist

          • All the day's contacts have been collected and saved
          • Contact information sent to marketing or sales for follow up
          • Consumables checked and replenished
          • Stand cleaned and reset for next day
          • Arrival times for stand crew agreed and confirmed
          • Staff debrief completed


              You can find other checklists and tools and resources that will help you prepare for your next exhibition including Killer Tips for First Time Exhibitors in the Definitive Guide Exhibition Marketing in Australia.

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