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Four Fundamentals of Display Stand Artwork

Getting your artwork right is critical to achieving your results and meeting your objectives. Keeping these four principles in mind will go a long way to ensuring you get your artwork supports your goals.
  • KIS – Keep It Simple

    Many exhibitors try to load their artwork if too much information and images. It is important to keep in mind that the exhibition stand’s task is to get the right people in. only once they are in you can provide with the full details of your product and services.

  • The 3 seconds rule

    The exhibition environment is a busy one and on average you have only 3 seconds to get people’s attention. Your art work should be able to let passing by traffic know: who you are and what you do within 3 seconds.

  • Target audience-driven Art Work

    When creating art work always think about your target audience for a number of reasons:

    1. Knowing your target audience means you can design your artwork (images and text) to show how your product or service fulfils their needs and solves their problems.
    2. Artwork aimed at your target audience will help filter visitors and ideally attract only visitors interested in the solutions your product or service offers. This means your staff's energy can be better directed.
  • Brand Consistency

    Ensure your artwork maintains brand consistency. This ensures you product is easily recognisable outside the exhibition and trade show environment is also ties your exhibition to any other (non-exhibition) relevant marketing and promotion.

    Note that the use of a 'hardware' solution like an multi-purpose or adaptable stand makes it easier to achieve brand consistency and still have an flexible stand suitable for a range of venues.

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