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7 Tips For Effective Use of AV on Your Display Stand

Audio and visual effects are a great way to promote your exhibition space. Colour graphics can work well, but sometimes you need a little extra boost to stand out in the crowd. Effectively applying light, audio and video can improve your chances for success!

Exhibition AV Tip 1: Put Your Product in the Spotlight

Use lights to illuminate your product. Event attendees what to see what you have available, so make is as visible as possible with lighting. You can highlight an individual floor model or use a row of lights to brighten a shelf or other display surface.

Exhibition AV Tip 7: Don’t Blast Attendees with Audio

If you have music or other audio playing in your booth, be mindful of the volume. You don’t want to turn up the volume to uncomfortable levels and scare attendees away. Maintain a comfortable level of noise that’s audible but not painfully overpowering.

Exhibition AV Tip 2: Avoid Washed Out Colours in Displays

Light that’s too bright or intense can washout colours and cause items to look lacklustre. Make sure the right level of lighting is created for maximum visual effect. This may involve dimming or lowering them.

Exhibition AV Tip 3: Keep Video Quality as High as Possible

If your budget is tight you may be tempted to throw together a video at home. This could be disastrous if the finished product looks unprofessional. Video quality is vital if you want your visual media to have a powerful impact. You are better off with no video than you are presenting a low quality video to potential leads.

Exhibition AV Tip 7: Don’t Rely on Audio to Get Your Message Out

Use audio as a supplemental component, not the main delivery system for your message. It’s not easy to talk to strangers, especially if you’re shy or very self-conscious, but it’s a must at an exhibition. Make sure you combine visual and audio elements with human interaction to send a strong message that’s more likely to convert attendees into warm leads.

Exhibition AV Tip 4: Create Videos at the Event and Share Them

Generate interest during and after the event by filming short videos of attendees at your booth. Capture images that make your space look busy and popular then upload them to your website or social media. You can even upload directly from your smartphone during the event to create a stir on social networks.

Exhibition AV Tip 5: Even Outdoor Booths Need Lights

If your exhibition space is outdoors, you may try to skip the lighting. Even in daylight, some corners will be shrouded in shadow and there’s always the possibility that the sun may hide behind clouds. Make sure you have key areas illuminated so you’re prepared for any outdoor lighting situation!

Exhibition AV Tip 6: Check the Lighting Inside, Not in Front of, Your Booth

Some people install a light bar across the front of their space and neglect the interior. What will happen when people enter your booth? They step out of the light and into darkness. Even a few lamps or product spotlights aren’t going to be enough. Make sure you have adequate lighting inside and outside of your booth.

Exhibition AV Tip 7: Individual Audio and Video Stations Work Better

If you really want to personalise the experience, consider setting up individual stations where attendees can hear your audio and/or see your video content. The best way to do this is to include a set of headphones attached to a tablet or iPad that allow for clear, easy listening that isn’t annoying to those who stand nearby.


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