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Modular exhibition stands NVP-011

This 3m backdrop is based on our modular display stands technology, the NVP Wall System and it allow exhibitors to expand in the future to either larger stands or smaller panels. It replaces pop up stand that are restricted to one size only.
Design Details
Category: Modular Stands
  • Lead time: 10 working days
  • Exhibit weight 25
  • Installation time 10 minutes one person / Tools free
  • Can be reconfigured to a double sided single panel
  • Can be Extended to a 6m by 3m L shape exhibition stand
  • Can be adopted to many other sizes and shapes
2.4m -h- x 2.8m -w- SSW.pdf - 260.9 kB
Art Specifications NVP.pdf - 198.8 kB
Assembly_Instructions.pdf - 2.5 MB
Image Gallery
Modular exhibition stands NVP-011


  • Full colour Graphics and hardware as shown in 3D
  • 1x Large Transport bags on wheels
  • 2 Ultra bright LED lights
  • Step by step Installation manual with images
  • Can be reconfigured to other sizes
  • Life time warranty



  • Install and dismantle services
  • Deliveries
  • TV
  • Floors and furniture rental