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NVP - 018 Custom Stand

The NVP - 018 is part of our custom exhibition stands range offering exhibitors a traditional custom stand with all the features one can expect but with the added benefits of adaptability, portability and low cost logistics. If you are an ongoing exhibitor attending shows in Australia and globally and looking to create a custom exhibition stand you can use for many shows while have a degree of adaptability call the team of NVP Exhibits to discuss your specific requirements.
Design Details
Category: 6m x 3m
  • Rental Available. Ask for price
  • Lead time: 30 working days
  • Exhibit weight: 100 KG
  • Installation time 90 minutes one person
VK-2920_graphic_dims_4WEB_3-27-2014.pdf - 398.9 kB
Testimonial from client.pdf - 281.0 kB
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NVP - 018 Custom Stand


  • Large format tention fabrics
  • Engineered aluminium structure
  • 2 Pedestals with locking storage
  • 2 Arched headers
  • 2 Brochure holders
  • 2 iPad clamshell holders with locks
  • Back wall counter with locking storage and shelf
  • 3 Circles and 2 standoffs graphics
  • large monitor mount
  • 5 lights
  • 5 Portable cases on wheels
  • See Product Video



  • Install and dismantle services
  • TV
  • Floors and furniture rental