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Quad Tower 2.4m high 1.5m wide

Our portable displays towers and branding towers are perfect for the exhibition, trade show and retail environment. Easy to transport, install and change graphics.
Design Details
Category: Towers
  • Lead time: 15 working days
  • 2.4m high 1.5m wide
  • Exhibit weight 36KG
  • Installation time 15 minutes one person / Tools free
Art Specifications NVP.pdf - 198.8 kB
2.4mH x 1.4m_4-sided Quad Tower print spec_unbranded.pdf - 173.3 kB
Image Gallery
Quad Tower 2.4m high 1.5m wide


  • Full colour graphics and hardware as shown in image



  • Install and dismantle services
  • Deliveries