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NVP Campaign Counter

The NVP Campaign counter is part of our wide range point of sale displays. The Campaign counter is perfect for promotional campaigns as well as point of sale displays when portability and quick assembly is at the essence. Volume discount apply. Many more point of sale displays available.
Design Details
Category: Portable Counters
  • Lead time: 15 working days
  • Installation time: 3 Minutes
  • Shipping Dimensions and weight: 88cm x 88cm x 13cm / 10kg
  • Dimensions: 66cm Wide by 47cm Deep by 81cm/203cm with header
Campaign-Counter.pdf - 774.0 kB
campaign_template.pdf - 520.5 kB
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NVP Campaign Counter


  • Full color graphics and hardware
  • Header graphics
  • Transport bag with shoulder strep


  • Delivery
  • installation services