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Pop Up Display Stand with Products Display

10 Seconds set up, Products display, Extreme portability, individual graphic skins, back lit options and above all three dimensional graphics that demand attention and turn heads. This is simply the most innovative pop up display stands technology in the Australian market. Perfect for trade shows, exhibitions and retail. Ask us for a demo and open your eyes to most impressive pop up stands you have ever seen.
Design Details
Category: Pop Up Display Stands
  • Hardware and graphics included
  • Lead Time: 10 Days from File Approval
  • Setup Time: 30 seconds
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Open: 298.5cm W x 227cm H x 33cm D
  • Closed: Open: 35.5cm x 35.5cm x 101cm
  • Shipping Information: Depending on case selected / 11.36KG hardware and graphics
XpressionsFlameRetCert.pdf - 890.7 kB
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