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Modular Exhibition Stands NVP-023

The NVP-023 is a modular display stand deigned to grow with your company and provide an adaptable display platform that allows exhibitors to extend this stand to a 6 × 3m stand, single display panels and more configurations in the future.Based on the unique tool free modular display stands technology NVP Exhibits offers in Australia.
Design Details
Category: Modular Stands
  • Lead time: 10 working days
  • Exhibit weight 35
  • Installation time 30 minutes one person / Tools free
  • Can be reconfigured to a double sided single panel
  • Can be Extended to a 6m by 3m L shape exhibition stand
  • Can be adopted to many other sizes and shapes
2.4m -h- x 2.8m -w- SSW.pdf - 260.9 kB
Art Specifications NVP.pdf - 198.8 kB
2.4mx1.2m SS Screen tower.pdf - 313.8 kB
Image Gallery
Modular Exhibition Stands NVP-023


  • Full colour Graphics and hardware as shown in 3D
  • 2x Large Transport bags on wheels
  • 2 Ultra bright LED lights
  • Monitor Mount
  • Shelf
  • Hardware required in order to use the stand as two 3m stand and single panel stand with shelf
  • Two sets of graphics for the single stand
  • Step by step Installation manual with images
  • Can be reconfigured to other sizes
  • Life time warranty
  • Follow this link to see the 6m by 3m version of this stand



  • Install and dismantle services
  • Deliveries
  • TV
  • Floors and furniture rental