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TV Stand

This TV Stand come with a choice of either 32 or 40 inches monitors and it is the new interactive way to communicate with your target audience. You can play videos or images of any file type. It is a combination of LED screen and 8 control buttons. Each button is associated with a video file stored on a flash memory connected to the LED screen or you can also play one video clip on a loop. This interactive TV stand is suitable for exhibitions, trade shows, hotels, banks, restaurants and many more retail applications. No computers or external devices are required. Just insert your Flash memory and start the show. Easy, innovative and cost-efficient.
Design Details
Category: iPad Stands
  • TV Stand
  • 760mm x 500mm x 1780mm
  • 23KG
  • 32" or 40" Monitor Included
  • 8 Key Sensor Board
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TV Stand