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Medibank Portable Display Stand

The Medibank portable display stand is an adaptable 3m stand that can be reconfigured to various spaces. This portable stand provides extra height, TV integration and meeting area in line with the client's requirements. Easy self installation without compromising on high end look was must for Medibank.
Design Details
Category: Portable Displays
  • Lead time: 10 working days
  • Exhibit weight 50 KG
  • Installation time 60 minutes
Image Gallery
Medibank Portable Display Stand


    • 1 straight panel with single sided graphics. 1780mm W by 2480mm H
    • 1 Tower 1080mm W by 2980mm H by 300mm D
    • 1 Arch with TV mount 2524mm D by 2414mm H by 1080mm W
    • Reception desk 1050mm W by 500mm D by 1000mm H
    • Installation manual with images

    Optional accessories

      25W Brightest LED lights in Australia

      Travel case for exhibition stands and trade show displays

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