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Portable Display Stand EXP-661

The EXP-661 portable island stand design is a reconfiguration of the 6m stand EXP-605 and 3m stand EXP-001 stand. Adaptability for various spaces, portability, easy / fast installation and great look make this portable stand a fantastic value. .
Design Details
Category: Portable Displays
  • Lead time: 20 working days
  • Exhibit weight 120 KG
  • Installation time 120 minutes
Image Gallery
Portable Display Stand EXP-661


    • 2 towers 1016mm W by 3048mm H by 3200mm D with double sided graphics
    • 2 canopies 1568mm W by 780mm D
    • 2 Arches 2441mm D by 2410mm H by 1016mm W
    • 2 TV set holders for 32" TV
    • 2 Reception desks 740mm W by 940mm H by 336mm D
    • 2 Receptions desks 960mm W by 900mm H by 500mm D
    • Installation manual with images

    Optional accessories

      25W Brightest LED lights in Australia

      Travel case for exhibition stands and trade show displays

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