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Portable Display Stand EXP-007

The EXP-3x3-007 portable display stand provides exhibitors portability, tool free easy installation and of course a unique design with stand out graphics to attract your target audience. This unique portable stand has a big brother that allows exhibitors to expand it to a 6m stand.
Design Details
Category: Portable Displays
  • Lead time: 10 working days
  • Exhibit weight 35 KG
  • Installation time 40 minutes
Image Gallery
Portable Display Stand EXP-007


    • 1 straight panel with single sided graphics 2980mm W by 2280mm H
    • 1 Stand out graphics 1200mm W by 2400mm H
    • 1 graphic panel with TV mount and shelf 1080mm W by 2280mm H
    • Reception desk 600mm W by 360mm D by 970mm H
    • Installation manual with images
    • Expandable to 6m stand

    Optional accessories

      25W Brightest LED lights in Australia

      Travel case for exhibition stands and trade show displays

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