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NVP Exhibit 7 - Fabric Display Stand

The NVP Exhibit 7 Fabric Display Stand is stunning and elegant trade show display offering exhibitors portability, easy transportation, modularity and tool free installation. This Portable Display Stand is built to last and designed to create high visual impact. The counter and TV stand can be separated from the main stand.
Design Details
Category: 3m x 3m
  • 290cm wide x 234cm high x 125cm deep
  • Advanced aluminum structure & dye-sub fabric graphic included
  • LCD max size=36". max weight 18kg
  • Shipping case included
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Lifetime warranty
Print specs - 1.3 MB
Installation Manuel - 4.6 MB
Print specs 2 - 1.1 MB
Accessories for fabric displays - 4.3 MB
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NVP Exhibit 7 - Fabric Display Stand


One Heavy Duty Storage and transport case with wheels

One Display shipping case

One Frame, One dye sublimated pillow case graphics, stand off monitor mount, counter and 2 transport cases

See the 3m by 6m Version of this stand


TV Not included

Optional: ULTRA Bright LED lights