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NVP Exhibit 25 - Portable Meeting Room

The NVP portable conference and meeting room is ideal to create a semi-private conference/meeting area or projection wall. Designed as a uniquely shaped enclosure and tradeshow backdrop as well as shopping centers. Gives vendors an eye-catching fixture to engage potential customers. Ergonomically designed, the NVP conference room is a stylish, lightweight and easy-to-use solution for any tradeshow booth and retail applications aiming to engage attendees in a unique, creative and innovative way.
Design Details
Category: 3m x 3m
  • Assembled Unit: 2819mm(w) x 2438mm(h) x 1572mm(d)
  • Approximate weight (includes graphics) : 19.3KG
  • Shipping dimensions:457mm(l) x 457mm(w) x 1016mm(h) up to
  • 1675mm(h)28.8KG including case
  • Advanced aluminum structure & dye-sub fabric graphic included
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Lifetime warranty
Print specs - 1.2 MB
Installation Manuel - 4.6 MB
Image Gallery
NVP Exhibit 25 - Portable Meeting Room


One Heavy Duty Expandable transport case - optional graphics available

One Frame and One dye sublimated pillow case graphics

Optional: ULTRA Bright LED lights