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NVP-028 Curved Economy Display Stand

Introducing the brand new 3m by 3m economy curved economy tension fabric display stand. Our tension fabric fabric displays are portable and come in Straight, Vertical Curved, Horizontal Curved and Serpentine Curved options. All display stands come with a canvas carry bag and can be upgraded to a hard shelled expandable shipping Case - add a separate fabric wrap graphic to convert your case into a counter. LED Lights are also available.
Design Details
Category: 3m x 3m
  • Assembled Unit: 305cm width x 224cm height x 65cm depth
  • Assembly Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Number of People Required For Assembly:1
  • Canvas Bag: 95cm length x 27cm width x 25cm height
  • 5.9 kg: when shipped in canvas bag
  • 15.5: when shipped in optional OCE case
Installation Manuel.pdf - 768.3 kB
Print Specs.pdf - 967.1 kB
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