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Top 12 Quick Ship Exhibit Specials Trade Show Tips FAQ

Trade Show and Event Tips

Trade Show exhibiting is all about marketing your products or services at expositions, conferences, and trade shows. However, if you are new to exhibit or event marketing, you will be faced with more questions than answers: What size booth do I need? How much should I budget for show expenses? What the heck is freight drayage?

The following articles explore a wide range of trade show topics, such as Exhibit Marketing, Flooring Choices, and Booth Etiquette. Want to know more? Give us a call or send us an email. Whether you are a trade show novice or a trade show warrior, we look forward to turning your next event -- into an EVENT!

Table of Contents

USA Trade Show Regulations and Photos

  1. Standard USA Booth Regulations and Types
  2. Over 5000 Trade Show Exhibit Photos


  1. 40 Things You Do @ Trade Shows You Would Never Do Anywhere Else
  2. Dumb Stuff People Do at Trade Shows
  3. Why Every Trade Show is Like a First Date
  4. 10 Quick Tips for the Trade Show Newbie
  5. What Not to Wear (at a Trade Show)
  6. Identifying Your Trade Show Kryptonite
  7. What Zombies Can Teach Us About Trade Show Marketing
  8. What's the Expiration Date of Your Trade Show Display?
  9. If Puppies Ran Tradeshows and Events
  10. If Kittens Ran Tradeshows and Events

Getting Started

  1. Should You Attend or Not Attend? Three Reasons
  2. ABC's of Trade Show and Exhibit Marketing
  3. What You Should Know as an Exhibit Buyer
  4. 10 Common Trade Show Myths
  5. 13 Common Trade Show Mistakes
  6. Most Marketers Suck at Trade Shows. Here's Why.
  7. Trade Shows, Banner Stands, and Potato Chips
  8. When Trade Shows Don't Make Sense
  9. Tips for a Successful Exhibit Installation & Dismantle
  10. 4 Basic Trade Show Marketing Tips
  11. 7 Questions You'll Never Ask About Your Trade Show Display

Become an Exhibit Marketing Expert

  1. 7 Tips to Working with an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)
  2. Be Honest. Do You Believe in Trade Shows?
  3. The 5 Evils of Trade Show Marketing
  4. 10 Easy Ways to Shine at Your Next Trade Show
  5. Why Uncomfortable Tradeshow Marketing Works
  6. What's the Real Cost of Your Exhibit and Trade Show?
  7. Building a Better Booth: Design and Planning
  8. Branding and Corporate Identity: Trade Show Marketing 101
  9. How to Use Trade Show Promotional Incentives
  10. Press Kits, Press Releases, and Trade Shows: Maximizing Your Exposure
  11. Conducting Product Demos at Trade Shows
  12. Using Surveys at Trade Shows

Displays and Exhibits

  1. The Beauty of Smaller Trade Show Displays
  2. Inline Trade Show Display Tips
  3. 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Hybrid Display
  4. Pop Up Display Secrets -- Direct from the Source
  5. Understanding Hybrid Exhibits
  6. Sacagawea vs. Magellan vs. Perfect 10 vs. Visionary Designs
  7. Eco-Friendly Flooring Options Make it Easy to Be Green

Design, Lighting, and Graphics Tips

  1. Considering a Lightbox? 8 Factors to Consider
  2. 10 Do's and Don'ts of Trade Show Graphics
  3. Trade Show Exhibit Design + Marketing Tips
  4. 7 Common Graphic Design Errors (Q&A)
  5. Selecting a Trade Show Exhibit Designer
  6. Trade Show Graphics that Sparkle and Shine
  7. Exhibit Signage that Speaks to Your Customers
  8. What You Should Know about Graphic Design
  9. The Importance of Color -- Here's Looking at Hue
  10. Lighting for Trade Show Exhibits
  11. Setting the Mood with Color at Your Next Trade Show
  12. Graphic Industry Terms Defined
  13. Partnering With Your Display Designer

Fine-Tune Your Trade Show Knowledge

  1. How to Cut Your Tradeshow Costs -- Part 1
  2. How to Cut Your Tradeshow Costs -- Part 2
  3. How to Cut Your Tradeshow Costs -- Part 3
  4. Before the Trade Show Opens. After The Show Closes.
  5. 30 Trade Show Exhibit Conspiracies
  6. A Practical Guide to Onsite Trade Show Services
  7. 10 Tips for a Successful Installation and Dismantle
  8. Trade Show Security Issues: Corporate Cloak and Dagger
  9. Emergency Trade Show Booth Supplies
  10. Speaking with Prospective Customers
  11. Mastering Trade Show Booth Selection
  12. Trade Show Lead Management Tips
  13. The Importance of Pedestals, Workstations, and Counters

Rental Displays

  1. The Truth about Trade Show Rentals
  2. Top 10 Trade Show Rental Designs (2015)
  3. Top 5 Fallacies of Rental Exhibits
  4. Making the BIG Rental Exhibit Decision
  5. Should You Rent or Buy Your Trade Show Display
  6. Five Reasons NOT to Rent a Display
  7. Exhibits: Rental vs. Purchase; What's Right for You?
  8. Now That You've Decided to Rent Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade Show Training

  1. Trade Show Exhibit Staffing: Do's and Don'ts
  2. The Basics of Trade Show Booth Etiquette
  3. Excellent Custom Service at Trade Shows

Trade Show Resources

  1. Trade Show and Event Glossary — The Beginner's Guide
  2. Trade Show and Event Associations, Resources, and Publications

General (but important) Stuff

  1. Post-Show Assessment: What's Done is Done
  2. Trade Show Follow-up Counts!
  3. The Basics of Business Entertaining and Building Friendships